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Please deposit A&A form and Test Report duly filled ,in the respective sub-division of your area along with other related documents like 'No objection certificate' from the MC/NP or respective authority. These forms are also available at respective Sub-division office.

Schedule of Tariff & Schedule of general service Charges (Applicable w.e.f 01-April-2017)    

Business Reform Action Plan  for State -Ease of Doing Business -Revised Delegation of Powers for making power Commitment & Sanction of Load
Business Reform Action Plan-2019 for States -Ease of Doing Business
A&A form has been revised on 26.10.2016 to make the form simple & has been bifurcated to 2 categories as under:-

A&A Form for Domestic Category Consumers Form No. CS-1(a)

A&A form for other than Domestic Categories Form No. CS-1(b).

Checklist of documents to be submitted by applicant for release of new connection

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)


Normative rates of LT service connection up to 50 kW/kVA
Procedure for Issuance of Power Availability Certificate
Procedure for sanction and release of load

Compensation for noncompliance of Standards of performance

Reduction of documents for release of electricity connection under EODB to two Number

Fixed Cost estimate based on per kVA /KW for obtaining electricity connection approved by H.P.E.R.C

Ease of doing Business recommendations-Notification of Planned Outages for next month in advance
Business Reforms Action Plan for States -Ease of doing Business -Time Frame for release of electric connection

Tariff orders for Retail Supply of Electricity.

Quarterly Reliability Indices

FY-2016-17   Q1

FY-2016-17   Q2

FY-2016-17   Q3

FY-2016-17   Q4
FY-2016-17   Q1 to Q4

FY-2017-18  Q1

FY-2017-18  Q2

FY-2017-18  Q3
FY-2017-18  Q4
FY-2017-18  Q1 to Q4
FY-2018-19  Q1
FY-2018-19  Q2

Third Party Inspection of internal Installation- Notification by HP Govt

Uniform criteria for rating of all category of consumers

Consumer Services to Senior Citizens